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home tracked from the attic to the outside. Let a Fullshield Inc. licensed professional with the experience required to properly remove old insulation and sanitize the entire attic before installing new insulation. It is not always necessary to remove old insulation when upgrading existing insulation. In most cases, we try to save our customers money by installing Thermal-Acoustic-Pest Control (T-A-P) insulation on top of their existing insulation to the R-30 or R-38 rating.


spot Treatment

In some cases, there maybe concentrated areas of damaged or contaminated insulation.As our technicians thoroughly inspect your attic, they are looking for ways to save you money. One way of saving you money is by offering spot removal service. This is where we only remove the areas of damage and contamination and can apply enough insulation in those areas to achieve the R-rating required or requested.Vacuum service available as well.

clean out service

highly recommended service

FullShield Inc. offers a complete clean out service which includes removal of existing insulation materials, any rodents, and rodent droppings.  We also completely sanitize the entire attic before installing new insulation.


There are several reasons our customers choose to purchase our clean out service. The picture to the right plainly displays rodent droppings in an attic mixed in with existing insulation. This is not a Do-It-Yourself type of job because it is very time consuming and dangerous. There are many risks involved such as exposure to infectious diseases (such as Hanta Virus, known to be present in rodent droppings.) along with the possibility of spreading airborne particles (such as dust and fiberglass from existing insulation) in the living spaces of your